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Our process involves a series of clear and logical steps designed to ensure nothing gets missed, communication both ways are clear, and that you get the results you ultimately aspire to. It all begins with an initial consultation.


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Initial Consultation

This involves our visiting your home. We discuss your needs with you and evaluate your space. We also need to know your budget or budget range. In order to get the most out of this consultation, here’s how you can prepare:

  • Know what you want to do with your space. Ideally, it would be nice if you have a wish list being as specific as possible. In that way we can discuss various options with you, and provide guidance.
  • Know your budget. An investment in a custom-built solution can vary widely. Knowing what you are prepared to invest is necessary to help us create a practical and affordable solution for you.

Design Options and Pricing

Armed with the information we have obtained from you, we are now able to design a custom solution to meet your unique needs and fit your specific space. We work to stay within the budget you have defined. Often we price out different options that, based on our conversation with you, we feel you may want to consider. Based on the overall complexity of the project, you can expect to receive this anywhere from one day to one week from the date of our initial consultation.

Review and Adjust

Now that we have an initial design, we work with you to fine-tune. Adjustments are made as needed. We finalize the design once you are satisfied that the final design iteration will work perfectly for you. At this point generally, we can also finalize pricing.

Contract and Deposit

In order to begin the project, a contract is drawn up. The contract is clear and concise. It sets out, among other things, the agreed upon dates on which we will install. We honor our install dates approx. 98% of the time. The very few times these dates get moved are either (a) for event(s) beyond either your or our control and/or (b) when material and/or accessory choices are not finalized in a timely manner. For the contract to become binding and take effect, two things must happen. First, the client must sign to accept both the contract and final design. Second, a 50% deposit of the total contract price must be paid.


Our installation team usually arrive early to begin work. The first thing they do is lay down protective covering over your carpet or floor that leads to the part of your home where they will be working. That ensures no damage is caused to your flooring and that any dirt being trekked in from the outside remain on the protective covering which we clear out. We also ensure all garbage produced are promptly removed, so your home remain as clean and obstruction free as possible.

Completion and Final Payment

Once the installation is complete, you inspect and ensure all work was done to your complete satisfaction. It is only then that the final 50% of the contract becomes due and payable.

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“We proudly build beautiful and functional cabinetry just for you. In combination with our unmatched customer service, at Babilo you are sure to find all you need to organize your home, your life, and you”.

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